Fun Things to do on a Rainy Day in Staten Island


If you think there is nothing to do on a rainy day, you probably haven’t tried the Staten Island Children’s Museum, where there is always something fun to do, rain or shine!


Come to the Staten Island Children’s Museum and…


Visit our Bugs & Other Arthropods Exhibit

  • Crawl through a human-sized anthill
  • Try on an exoskeleton
  • Listen to our insect orchestra
  • Check out live animals and fun games and see that bugs aren’t so scary!

Visit our House About It Exhibit

  • See our two-story unfinished house
  • See what’s behind the walls of a house
  • Learn about the people who build our homes
  • Try the new crane and conveyor belt

Visit our Walk-In! Workshop

  • Bring out your inner artist or scientist
  • Paint, sculpt, draw or invent

Visit our Great Explorations Exhibit

  • Explore our rainforest and pack the right tools for your journey
  • See what it’s like to cross a river on a raft, log or lily pads
  • Dive into an ocean and explore sea life
  • Conquer the tundra on a sled or climb the rock wall
  • Broadcast your adventures from the WEXP Radio Station

Hit the Big Games Exhibit

  • Play Life-Sized Chess
  • Giant Dominoes
  • Giant Bowling
  • Giant Checkers
  • Giant Connect Four
  • Play with a Lite Brite wall

Fight Fires on The Ladder 11 Fire Truck

  • Pretend you’re a firefighter
  • Try on your gear and ring the bell
  • Slide down the pole
  • Have fun with our 1941 Seagrave interactive fire truck

Perform in Portia’s Playhouse

  • Try on Costumes
  • Learn to act and perform on stage
  • Check out the puppet theater

Kids can learn to cook

  • Try new recipes in our Friday afternoon Kidz Cook sessions

Visit our Community Gallery

  • Enjoy 2,500 square feet of art exhibits featuring art by children and students
  • Art that visitors of all ages will enjoy in a natural light-filled gallery

Climb aboard our Pirate Ship at Block Harbor

  • Set sail as far as your imagination will take you
  • Build your own city with Giant Building Blocks
  • Play with puzzles or enjoy a story in Judy’s Book Nook

These are some of the wonderful things you can do at Staten Island Children’s Museum on a rainy day. We have more to do when the sun is shining too. Come and visit. Play, learn, interact and have plenty of fun!


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